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Information for Healthcare Practitioners

The CAM Clinic is a Toronto-based private practice providing orthopaedic patient care.  The services offered include treatment types that are available in Canada, either on or off-label, but are not readily available to patients within the public system and/or potentially not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).  As a result, CAM's services are generally provided to patients on a cash-pay basis and we rely on close collaboration with referring physicians and practices within the public system.  

As part of this collaboration, we encourage our referral partners to participate in the follow-up assessment of patients and capture the valuable outcomes data in our clinical registry.  As patients are referred to us, we will provide instructions back on how to participate in the registry, and for access to the research findings.  See the Research page on this website for additional information on our study goals and approach.     

If you would like to learn more about our practices, its policies & procedures, and registry, or if you would like to initiate a referral to us, please contact our office at (647) 624-5171.

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